JUDr. Andrea Kůs Považanová



Born in 1974. In 1993 – 1998 studies at the Faculty of Law of Komensky University in Bratislava. She participated in expert trainships with the Constitutional Court in Kosice (1997), the Council of Europe in Strasburg (1999), the International Institute for Public Administration in Paris (1999), and the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (2002 – 2003). In 2001 – the thesis “European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg and Procedure Before It”. In 1998 – 2002 legal adviser of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. Since 2003 legal assistant in the Law and Patent Office Cermak a spol. Admitted to the Bar in 2005 not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia. She specializes mainly in the industrial property law and the civil law. Since 2010 she has been a partner at the Čermák a spol. law office.

Languages: Czech, Slovak, English, French.